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This week at Blogher, bloggers, like myself, had the chance to star in a short video with Grover from Sesame Street (like I really needed to add “from Sesame Street.” I mean, do you honestly know any other Grovers?).

When my daughters saw the DVD, they practically fell on the floor and cried with toddler joy. Oh, the happiness! This Grover is a rock star, along with the rest of his Sesame Street crew.

Well, now your Sesame Street lover can sport these super cool sneaks from New Balance, featuring Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch.

So cute, right?! I’m pretty confident that my daughter Summer would hail a cab on her own just to get herself to a Kids Footlocker for those Elmo ones.

Available for infants, preschoolers and grade school kids. A pair (depending on size) will run you $43 – $65. To find out how to buy online or in stores, visit New Balance Kids.

You know Grover is so pissy right now because he’s not on these awesome kicks.

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