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I’m sort of obsessive about sunscreen. I’m always in search of the perfect one… with no parabens, no icky odor and easy to slather on my myself and children QUICKLY.

So I was a bit intrigued to learn about Bethesda sunscreen soap.  What? Sunscreen soap? No way.

Apparently, way. This all natural body bar provides an invisible layer of sun protection (SPF 10) that stays on your skin after you leave the shower.  I tried it out and the scent is lovely, a combination of lemon and lavender oil.  Perfect for men and woman.

But does it really provide sun protection? The product is not currently endorsed by the American Cancer Society.  But, according to the company, this soap took 20 years to develop and has undergone rigorous testing in FDA-approved facilities.

The idea is certainly brilliant. So if you’re looking for a little boost in sun protection all year round, it might be time to hit the showers and give this soap a try.

7 Responses to lather on the sunscreen… in the shower

  • tracey says:

    Hmmmm… Sounds like a brilliant idea. Just like using SPF in clothing and make-up. Anywhere we can get extra protection.

    I hate that it takes so long for a new product to become available. I’m GLAD, obviously, that they have rigorous tests, but I think it’s probably more political than ethical in the length of time it takes…

  • Christina says:

    This is a great product!! I agree with Amy about the SPF level, but I believe 10 is the minimum, plus, I don’t know a soul who lathers SPF over their entire body year round!! So this is definitely a great start to a major concern!

  • Allison T. says:

    This sounds cool and I agree that aside from the daily face lotion I use that has SPF 15, not much sunscreen touches my bod until summer rolls around again.

    Has anyone found a way to suncreeen your scalp without totally ruining your ‘do? As a fair-skinned gal with fine hair, my scalp has burned more times than I’d like to admit. Same will soon be true for my kids once they reject wearing hats at the beach. I’m ISO a shampoo that has SPF in it. Suggestions welcome!

  • Paula says:

    Being light skin (almost transparent some would say) I burn easily. But give yourself some good vitamin D as you walk the streets or hike in the fall, winter, and spring. The soap does sound good for those long sunny summer days.

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