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The first time I went to review the New York City kids’ show “ImaginOcean” (a one-of-a-kind black-light puppet show), I was two hours late.

Well, it could happen to anyone. Anyone with four kids. But no matter, I rescheduled.

The second time, I came down with strep throat. Sigh. Me and the puppets were apparently not meant to be.

So I sent my husband Rick and our two girls (age 6 and 4) who absolutely loved it. Here is his review…

If you’re a fan of day-glow fish who swim in unison and sing in three part harmony, then “ImaginOcean” is the show for you. This very well done production is from the mind of John Tartaglia, one of the creators and stars of “Avenue Q.”  Except this time, instead of foul mouthed, promiscuous puppets, he presents wholesome underwater creatures who learn that your imagination can be your most valuable asset and that your friends are the best treasures you’ll ever discover.

And with a running time of only 50 minutes, you can get in, get your lesson and get out before the kids melt down and the parking bill rises above 25 bucks. Now that’s entertainment!”

ImaginOcean is currently playing at New World Stages on 50th street.

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