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By Contributing Mama Jordana Bales

This week, I had the opportunity to check out Christmas in August at Rockefeller Center. My girls enjoyed the tour and posing with the Rockettes…

What? That’s not a Rockette?! I thought she was a little too quiet. Okay, here are the real Rockettes…

At lunch, I was all set to bribe the girls to eat with the reward of decorating cupcakes (courtesy of the yummy Magnolia bakery) but the chicken fingers and mini-burgers were so yummy that bribes were unnecessary.  My daughter Lila’s only complaint was no ketchup. That girl eats ketchup with a spoon.

After lunch, the show began outside in front of Rockefeller Center. Introduced by Santa Claus, the amazingly beautiful and talented Rockettes performed. At the end of their set, they called  all the children with Santa hats up to the front to be part of the “Million Kicks Across America.”

Ava just happened to have her Santa hat with her (either that or it was in the goodie bag) and joined. After Ava bounded over the police barrier and grabbed the Rockette nearest her, I realized that children had their own designated area and were not actually supposed to be part of the kick line.

But it made for an amazing photo.

Too bad that we’re Jewish or else that would be our Christmas Card.  Kelcey is definitely considering using it for her Christmas card.

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