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I never once thought about reusable bags until my sister Quinn accompanied me to the grocery store about a year ago. She wanted to know why I wasn’t bringing my own cloth bags, instead collecting more plastic bags than I could every reuse. My sister had a point and I started bringing my own totes to the grocery store and even carrying one in my purse for last minute purchases.

That’s when I started noticing all the wrapping paper that I used on a monthly basis. Now whenever I give a small gift, I use a basura bag. They are totally cool, different and become part of the gift. These bags are made from recycled juice boxes that normally would fill up landfills in the Philippines. Now everyone can feel good and green all over.



2 Responses to guilt free gift bags

  • Betsy says:

    Most places here in Germany do not give bags with a purchase. You have to buy your bags for 5 to 15 Euro cents per bag. Cloth bags are the standard here, and in the long run much cheaper.

  • Kelcey says:

    Wow… that's amazing. Why is Europe always so ahead of us environmentally? We should charge for bags in the United States. Nothing motivates like money!

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