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I just found some fabulous earth friendly holiday cards. You know… cool ones without any of those weird seeds embedded in the paper or anything. Just because I like green products, doesn’t mean I want them to look like the earth. You know?!

Tiny Prints has more than 100 holiday designs on recycled card stock. I dig the designs. I love creating earth friendly traditions. Yup, I already ordered mine.

As a special discount for mama bird readers, enter the code “Jingle” and receive 20% off orders of $99 or more.  The discount expires Tuesday (12/2) at midnight. Once it expires, email me at Kelcey@mamabirddiaries.com and I will send you a new discount code.  Click here to visit Tiny Prints.

6 Responses to eco friendy holiday cards (and a discount too!)

  • kristen says:

    those are pretty.

    i’ve already purchased ones from target (because i always like a photo a long with it) and i’m sure they are toxic, lead-paint filled, tree-killing cards.

    can i have your address? (= (no really.)

  • Jessica says:

    My Tiny Prints cards came in a few days ago… and went out today… They turned out wonderfully! But I am so irritated with myself. I was in such a rush to get them finished this morning before picking my 3 yo from preschool that I forgot to place the return addy stickers on the envelopes! Oye!

  • Jacob says:

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