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When someone sends you an invitation to eat cupcakes at Tavern on the Green, you just go. And that’s exactly what I did last week. But the event went way beyond some fancy, uptown baked goods.

Duncan Hines (ever heard of them?) has partnered with this amazing organization called CancerCare for Kids which offers free support and services to families effected by cancer. They have launched this Duncan Hines National Bake Sale, encouraging people to host bake sales, donate the proceeds to CancerCare and then enter to win prizes here.

Despite the fact that they gave us a parting gift of Duncan Hines carrot cake (Ick. Who eats carrot cake?), I thought the whole thing sounded very cool. So many families are affected by cancer and this is a great way to do something good. These cupcakes above were made by Long Island students. Pretty creative, right?

And this is actually a cupcake, despite how much it looks like a burger.

Even if your cupcaking skills are a little less sophisticated, don’t be shy about getting involved.

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