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I work hard to try to keep my life as green as possible. I use non-toxic cleaners in my home, recycle, eat organic food and even buy organic cotton tampons. So when it comes to my face, I try to use products that fit my eco-lifestyle. But being a product junkie, I also demand that these cosmetics perform well. Nothing makes me crazier than a “healthy” lip gloss that feels like a thin layer of vegetable oil on my mouth. That won’t fly with this girl.

beauty-diary.gifLuckily, I’ve found a new line called Mineral Fusion Cosmetics. It is eco-friendly and delivers the goods. I love this all-natural line because the sophisticated formulas offer great coverage and colors while also providing the extra benefit of UV protection.

Mineral cosmetics are formulated with a blend of finely ground inert minerals that protect against UV exposure by creating a mineral block between your skin and the sun’s rays. Mineral Fusion has added a unique blend of antioxidant ingredients that further protects against environmental pollutants and sun exposure. White tea boosts cells’ immune function, red tea tightens the skin, pomegranate fights free radicals and Vitamins A, E and CO Q10 protect against photo-aging while balancing hydration. Plus, no harmful chemical ingredients or preservatives.

When you’re ready to take your beauty routine green, give this line a try. The powders are blended to perfection and the blushes will give you a true natural glow. You can learn more about Mineral Fusion here. You can buy the cosmetics at most Whole Foods stores or order online here.

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