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Like most mamas, I try to give my daughter Noa the best (within financial limits of course). I feed her nutritious meals, bathe her in extra-gentle soaps, dress her in the softest cottons and massage her with calming essential oils. At ten months-old, my daughter has it pretty good. Do I treat myself with the same care? Sort of. I do eat well and I have a nice selection of shower gels in the bathroom but that’s about it. I could use a little more pampering of the mind and body.

Thankfully the beauty industry has it covered. You can now find products formulated to treat the body and the mind at the very same time. These products not only combat aging, cellulite and split ends, but also add to our overall sense of wellbeing. Here are a few that will leave you looking and feeling truly revitalized:

well-being-borba.jpgBorba Atomizer Linen, Face and Body Reviving Mist ($18.72) – Borba is an innovative line of anti-aging products ranging from topical creams to internal supplements. Their Reviving Mist protects against free radicals with Vitamin E and extracts from mangosteen, grape seed and cucumber. For antioxidant moisture, spray directly onto the face and body. Also spray on your bed sheets so your skin is in contact with the mist throughout the night. The fragrant essential oils leave you feeling rested, refreshed and beautiful.

Dr. Hauschka Lemon Body Moisturizer ($36.95) – Dr. Hauschka’s holistic products are known for their luxurious blends of unique plant oils. This moisturizer perks up your skin and your mood with lemon essential oil. Other ingredients like quince seed extract, jojoba and olive oil have a cellulite-smoothing effect. And the sage and blackthorn extracts work to purify your skin. This moisturizer can be used after your morning shower to invigorate your body and senses or throughout the day as an instant pick-me-up.

Sundari Neem and Coconut Hair Treatment Oil ($32.00) – Sundari is an ayurvedic line of products known for its holistic approach to treating mind, body and spirit. Their treatment oil for heat-damaged hair transforms your hair and scalp by replacing lost moisture and leaving hair incredibly soft. Massage it into the scalp and hair and leave it on for a half hour before rinsing.

One Response to alex’s beauty diary: mama treat thyself

  • Carly says:

    I could not be more excited about the Borba mist. This is right up my alley. Your posts are inspiring me to venture beyond my daily regimen of moisturizing, brushing my teeth and applying deodorant. Please keeping them coming… xo

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