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The season is here and your dance card is already filled with parties and festivities. Sure, you’ve got the holiday spirit but perhaps you’re a bit challenged when it comes to doing your own makeup. No need to stay at home and sulk. I’ve got the product for you.

beauty-diary-stila-eyeshadow.jpgStila’s new Smoky Eye Palette takes all the guess work out of creating that sultry, seductive smoky eye look. This extremely clever product will literally talk you through the steps. Yup, you read right. The palette speaks. You just push a button and the palette takes you through 5 easy steps to create the perfect smoky eye, complete with artistry tips and what brushes to use – all in under a minute.

Each palette contains four different shades: a base shade, a lid shade, a contour shade and a liner shade. The three color themes are easy to wear and you can make each one as subtle or dramatic as you like.

The Bronzes: pink champagne shimmer (base), bronze brown shimmer (lid), aubergine brown (crease/ contour), deep matte brown (liner).

The Emeralds: cream champagne shimmer (base), golden olive shimmer (lid), rich shimmering emerald (crease/ contour), iridescent purple (liner).

The Grays: icy champagne (base), silvery gray (lid), dark gray (crease/ contour), and smoky black brown (liner).

So if you’ve been looking for The Idiot’s Guide to smoky eyes, look no further. At only $40, it will you get you through the season’s party schedule looking like a celebrity. Now all you need is a dress. You can buy Stila’s Smoky Eye Palette her

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