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By Contributing Mama Jordana Bales

Dear Rebecca,

I’m so looking forward to having dinner tonight with you and the girls! Ava hasn’t seen Talia since her third birthday party and you won’t believe how big Lila has gotten. Since we have so much to catch up on and a limited amount of time I have taken the liberty of putting together a list of topics I want to cover. I see our conversation going something like this:

1. Literature – I just finished a great book “The Post-Birthday World” it shows how your life can take a completely different path based on one choice (um… Like having kids??!!) – you’d love it!

2. Our mutual friend who is 48 but obsessed with having child number 2 and is spending $$$$$ on surrogates and in vitro.

Ava please sit down. We’re having dinner.

3. Public vs. private schools (I just can’t believe you live in such a good district and are seriously thinking of sending Talia to private school!).

4. Staying at home versus working – is freelancing really the best of both worlds?

Ava, if you don’t finish your food, no lollypop. Stop, that’s for Lila!

5. Definition of irony complete with real-life examples

6. Potty Training (on the D.L. of course since Talia is constipated and you were advised by your pediatrician to not mention it for a bit)

7. Weekend plans – Clifford is expected at Barnes and Noble! Purim party at the Y!

Ava sit down. I’m serious.

8. Play group over the summer – are the kids too big? Is everyone doing camp instead?


SIT DOWN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Effective communication with a toddler.

10 Responses to the dinner agenda (a one act play via email)

  • Chris says:

    This is exactly how it goes, only I have to add, “Please don’t blow bubbles in your drink.”  If “1, 2, 3 Magic” works for you – you and your toddler are GIFTED!

  • Diane says:

    I can’t believe you actually take your kids out to eat – what a different life that must be. I love your efficient way of starting with a list – and I’m sure it is just the tip of the iceberg of all the topics you wish you could cover with your friend with all the other wonderful distractions. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jordana's dad says:

    Hard for me to identify with this.    I   have dined with adults,  while  my  small daughter and her  friends, (in this case Jordana,  Kelcey and others )  were perfect companions in every sense.   Often  making astute , witty, erudite contributions to the  discourse,  and even suggesting some   tasty and  nutritious items to order.
    They  were   perfect  and sophisticated dinner companions in every  way.

  • Aunt Eileen says:

    Mothers give up the rights to conversations when they have toddles. But, I guarantee this, one day you will wish that thye would talk to you

  • Paula says:

    Number 9 made me laugh!  I too can relate to this.  But now my little man, of 7 years, will sit and chat.  Love ya

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