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By Contributing Mama Erin K. Butler

There are many things in this world that I believe I could do if I put my mind to it. But no matter how hard I try there are three things I am pretty sure will never happen.

1. I will never be an Olympic athlete…unless reading Goodnight Moon becomes a legitimate sport.

2. I will never look like super model. Or even a regular model. Maybe a hand model…but even those odds are slim.

3. And…I will never be a morning person.

Now I realize that waking up before the sun isn’t exactly on the same level as an Olympic athlete or a super model, but I was born a night person. Given the choice, I’ll pick sunsets over sunrises any day. My second wind kicks in around 8pm and most nights I am up until nearly midnight. Now normally these hours don’t really jell with being a mom but this is my child at 6 am:


And at 7:30 am:


Yes, I have been blessed with super baby. Who, on most mornings, sleeps until 8am.

Sometimes until 8:30 am.

It’s ok. I would hate me too.

My girlfriend Angela, who has three children under the age of seven, wakes up a good two hours before me to get her day started. If anyone needs more rest it’s her, yet while I am still in my deep sleep cycle, she will whip up a pot roast for dinner, do four loads of laundry, and create three new pieces for her Etsy shop.

Of course, I do stay up later than her at night, but in my child free hours I am not that industrious. After dinner, a few emails and a quick status update on Facebook is all I can handle before I settle into watch who pulls a big number on “The Biggest Loser.”

Maybe if I did this whole “morning thing” I would get more done. So I decided to give it a try.

Day One

6:00 am: Alarm goes off. I hit snooze. Snooze again. Snooze again. I hit snooze so many times the alarm automatically resets, turns off and I go back to sleep.

Day Two

6:00 am: Alarm goes off. I hit snooze several times until my husband throws a pillow at me and tells me to move it or lose it. I choose to lose it, shut off the alarm and go back to sleep.

Day Three

6:00 am: Alarm goes off. I hit snooze…six times until my husband gets up, fumbles for the off button, finally gives up and unplugs the alarm.  I was asleep before the clock went blank.

After three days, I become cranky and called my trial period O-V-E-R.

It was a valiant effort but when I really think about it there is no need to change who I am. It’s all part of my “charm” – charm that just doesn’t show up much before Regis and Kelly.

I always dreamed of having a child that would like to sleep in as much as me…and here she is.

Plus, I know my night owl preferences will eventually come in handy down the road when I am baking those last minute cupcakes for a school birthday party, helping to tweak a science project gone array or washing the pink shirt at 11pm she must! wear! tomorrow!

So I am going to keep my life status quo and continue to be the envy of every early rising mom out there.

I’ll save the sunrises for vacation…ok, let’s be honest; I am not getting up early on vacation either.

14 Responses to morning girls? hell no.

  • Rhea says:

    I love the pictures of your daughter sleeping. hehe  I get up early…I stay up late…I go all day…but I still don’t think my productivity is where I want it to be.  ugh.

  • Chris says:

    Your honesty made me laugh (as I sit here at 5:33 am, desiring to hit the snooze button earlier, but glad I\\\’m up).  Your daughter is adorable and you ARE so lucky she\\\’s a good sleeper.  I have energy in the morning, but I hate being awakened by the alarm from a deep sleep.  Once I\\\’m up, I get so much done before my sons rise.

    Great title!

  • christy says:

    Oh I envy you the sleeping-in baby. Mine was waking around 7am for a while, which we could handle. But the last week it’s been pre-6am wakings….god help us! Those pictures of your daughter are adorable!

  • Mary says:

    Oh Erin you made me laugh out loud!  My child, for some reason, seems to  sleep until 8 ONLY the mornings I have to be up and out.  Leave him home with Daddy and it’s a guaranteed sleep in!!!  Can’t complain though…it’s normally 7 which is still a heck of a lot better than 6!!!  Great pics of K!!!

  • Lisa says:

    Hysterical.  Laughing out loud this morning is bringing on my contractions…thanks!   In our house we consider 6:00AM wake up calls a late morning with our son.  We try not to let him sleep in bed with us but I must admit that I break my own rule on Sundays just to get to sleep until 7:00AM.  Supermodel or sleep…I would take the sleep over a size 2 any day.

  • Renee says:

    Yeah!!!  Another fantastic piece.  So worth the wait!  I’m very jealous of your mornings.  Since the time change, Emery has been up before 6:00 every day, climbs in bed with us and wants to read the very hungry caterpillar over and over and over in the dark.  Luckily I know it by heart, and can do it with my eyes closed.  He is none the wiser.  Maybe Miss K can teach Em a few things.  I’d be forever grateful.  I didn’t see any scrapbooking listed in your evening activities?!?  How come?

  • johanna says:

    What REALLY gets me is that your little bean not only sleeps late, but on the same day will also take a 3 hour nap and then goes to bed on time right to sleep for 12 hours!! Oh the jelousy runs SO deep I can’t even elaborate on it!  Love, the mother of K’s cousin who (unfortunately) got her father’s genes of believing sleep is overrated and non-essential 🙂 Great piece E. xoxo

  • kelcey says:

    Some girls seriously have all the luck. I would never ever enter my kid\\\’s room in the morning to take sleeping photos. She would be away in 2 seconds. You\\\’ve got a keeper there. 🙂

  • Rana della pello says:

    Love the pictures Erin.. Coming from someone who was in your shoes (my kids love to sleep and you know that I do too) Unfortunately the school days have to start and then we have no choice but to get up!!  It’s brutal trying not only to get yourself up but your late sleepers too.. Enjoy while it lasts.

  • Diane says:

    Is it a genetic thing? The night or morning gene? My husband is a nightie as is my eldest (she looks and acts just like him) and I am a morning, as are my other three (and they look just like me). I have enough children to perform my own statistical correlations and from the looks of that sleeping angel you have, here is another case to prove it. Enjoy your quiet mornings to sleep in – you aren’t missing anything!

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