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By Abby Siegel

As a faithful fan of the mama bird diaries, I read a lot about baby poop, diapers, husbands, strollers, and everything else that comes with motherhood. I happen to be single, so I don’t spend a tremendous amount of time obsessing over poop or any of these other things. But like Kelcey, I do want to know who the hell is going to save Britney? It’s so distressing. Sometimes I think I should stop helping kids get into college, fly to LA, and see what it is I can do – for Britney, for Jamie Lynn – in fact the whole family could use an intervention.

Instead last night, I went on You Tube to relive Britney’s glory days. I typed in “Britney MTV 2000 Performance” and watched her sing “Oops, I Did It Again!” She was wearing that incredible sequined, two-piece outfit that was revealed once she ripped off her faux tux. I was mesmerized. Not because I have a thing for young girls (I like men very much. Someone find me a good one and we’ll talk), but because one of my secret fantasies, besides having the rockin bod she was sporting that night, is that I can sing, dance, and wow a crowd at Madison Square Garden. I mean, how cool would it be to walk out on stage in front of 30,000 people who PAID to watch me strut my 30 something stuff?

I still couldn’t sleep so I kept going. I watched Britney perform at a few other awards shows, and then sank deeper into embarrassment by finding (and watching) MTV Video Awards performances by NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys. I admit this willingly because I was never really into the boy band thing. So I’m catching up. Justin and Britney were an adorable couple! We could have named them Brustin or Justney. They really needed a stylist, but wasn’t it magic when they performed together at the Super Bowl, and she opened for NSYNC as a teenager? How COOL is that to write on a college application?!

Just when I started to sink deeper into my Britney depression, I thought to myself, “There must be a new generation. If we can’t save Britney, then what are we going to do?” My answer: CHRIS BROWN. For those of you NOT in the know, Chris Brown is the next Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake combined. He performed at the 2007 MTV Video Awards (after the Britney “Gimme More” debacle). He jumped over tables, shook his talented thing and with a few moves made Justin look like a has-been.

I love Justin with all my heart, but Chris made me hope for the future. Check out his performance with Rihanna here. If you don’t know this song, put your kid down and put it on your iPod immediately. Seeing the two of them together made me think “Is this the next JT and Britney? I think she’s macking on Shia LaBoeuf and/or Josh Hartnett, but a girl can hope. And no offense to any of the mamas out there but listening to this is a whole lot better than having my hands smell like poop.


abby-siegel.jpgAbby Siegel is an independent college counselor in New York City who promises to make the process of getting into college easy and hassle-free. When she’s not downloading on You Tube or watching “Gossip Girl” so she has things to talk about with her friends, Abby is traveling around the world to find new and exciting skiing destinations. Abby graduated from Vanderbilt University and received a Master of Education from Loyola University Chicago, but her favorite graduation day was when she walked down the aisle with Kelcey at their graduation from Staples High School in Westport, Connecticut.

4 Responses to life after brit

  • Tully's Mama says:

    Abby – Thanks for the walk down Britney Boulevard. When not obsessing over the word count of my 21 month old you can find me eating up all that is celebrity. Brit was such a performer – I saw her in concert as a 30th birthday present to myself back in the day. What a waste. If in 17 years you're still getting kids into the Ivy League, I'll have you help my daughter. That is if she gets her word count up.

  • Another Britney Fan says:

    Abby, Please fly to LA and save Britney. I hate to admit but I miss her. And you are right. Chris Brown rocks it. I love him.

  • Jordana says:

    Hey Abs – Welcome to fabulous world of contributing mamas! I was on Kelcey's other side walking down the aisle (with Jim Atkins on my other side) and here we are 20 years later still linked by Kelcey – how cool is that??!

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