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By Contributing Mama Daphne Biener

I’ve been working at this unplugged tree-hugger persona of mine for a little too long to admit it, but I have to come clean:  I am addicted to “Lost.”

And by “Lost” I do mean the television show, and not that ‘coming out of the supermarket and hanging around looking busy until everyone else goes home so that I can locate my car’ kind of lost.

I’m not changing my party line.  I will say loud and proud that playing cards with my children while stimulating conversation floats to the ceiling and peels of laughter bounce of the walls is the single most fulfilling pastime.  I would consider myself lucky to be in that kind of space every night.

Well, every night except Tuesday night.

It’s not that I love my family less on Tuesdays; it’s just that no matter how adorable my kids may be they can’t hold a candle to my island man—

But I digress.

Long as I might to be marooned on a magical island with this hunk, there are serious reasons and a grown-up rationale behind my “Lost” obsession.  My justifications for watching this show are rock solid (as are those abs, hello!)  Oops, sorry, won’t happen again.

“Lost” is a complete experience, a show that has you delve deep into questions about life philosophies and physics and destiny and what ifs.   “Lost” elevates its viewers, presenting us with scientific quandaries like that cat in the box that is both dead and alive, not to mention the central question of humanity’s worthiness and time traveling polar bears.  So even if you are not one to be tempted by tasty eye candy you will be captivated.

Though I’d argue one could hold a healthy debate and still indulge in eye candy–

Before you get hooked I should tell you that this guy is no saint.  He’s got this bad boy thing going, which happens to really work for me.  If “Lost” has taught me anything (besides theoretical physics, of course) it’s that I never actually resolved my junior high bad boy issue.

Yeah, I’ve got a thing for bad boys but I married one of the good ones.  Which brings me to my final argument:

“Lost” will strengthen your marriage.

The complex ideologies and theoretical dilemmas and rogue polar bears that emerge in the show demand discussion and debate.  The resulting pillow talk will keep you and your good-guy up late into the night debating heavy topics and testing probable theories.

Trust me, “Lost” is good for your marriage.  Unless, I suppose, you happen to be the one woman who actually went and married our favorite bad boy.

You can read more of Daphne’s work on The Rocky Mountain Moms Blog, on her eco-fabulous site, A Greener Biener, or here on the mama bird diaries.

7 Responses to confessions of a lost addict

  • Kathy says:

    Agreed! I noticed you linked to Lostpedia. When I found that site, I think I blew about 12 hours in three days reading as much as I could. I tell others not to go poking around that site unless they didn’t have plans for the week. It’s addictive, like the show.

    Can’t wait for Tuesday! Oh, and you’re obviously a Sawyer fan. Me? I’ve had a crush on Sayid for years. Mmmm….. Sayid.

  • Gretchen says:

    I too am waiting for Tuesday with baited breath. Only, I’m afraid I too am a Sayid girl. Yes, I know he’s a torturer/hired killer, but I just know that if he met me, he would throw aside all that murder stuff and fall madly in love with me. Hmmm. Can you say…swarthy?

  • christy says:

    Oh I can NOT wait for Tuesday night! But actually, it’s Wed for me, because I DVR it and then watch it the next day so I can fast forward through the commercials. And I love Sawyer too, I really do. But I admit it, I’m more in lust with Jack. Sigh.

  • ErinB says:

    you should have done this post a few seasons ago and I would have started watching! ha . I never got into it but my library has the complete series so am going to take a stab at it this summer during repeats! of course it wont be the same as I am sure to read what happens!! enjoy

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