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I’m wondering how other mothers deal with the issues of tampons and inquisitive children. I have a toddler who is asking a lot of questions when I have my period. Do you just explain it to your child? Seems like the idea of bleeding could be kind of scary. I’d be curious to know what other moms do. Thanks.

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  • motherbumper says:

    I just explained it to my daughter (2.5yrs) in simple terms "this happens to women once a month and it's necessary to make babies" kind of thing and her response was to offer me a bandaid. I would have preferred chocolate but whatever.

  • motherbumper's response is a good one. a good clue is to not give TOO much information; they don't really want or need it.

    This is weird, I know, but when my son was a preschoolerl, I let him play with tampons in the tub; he'd "shoot" them into the tub and had a great time. When he was about 6, I told him what they were for when he asked. He doesn't play with them anymore, but I'll bet he'll feel comfortable when his wife sends him to the store for tampons one day (that was my goal; a nonchalance about feminine products.)

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