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Two days ago we had to put our 15 year old cat to sleep.  It was only a few days from the time we knew something was wrong with her until we realized what had to be done.  As soon as we realized that our kitty was dying, we started talking to our almost 3 year old.  She knows that the kitty was old, that she was very sick, and the doctors could not help her any more.  We had her say good-bye and told her that she would not see the cat again. She knows the cat died. We put a picture on the fridge so she could remember her kitty.  (She shows this picture to our other cat to help him remember.)  I know that it will take some time for her to fully adjust, but I would appreciate anything that has helped real parents in this situation. – Betsy

4 Responses to Need advice on handling the death of a pet

  • Robin says:

    I highly recommend a book called Cat Heaven. When our dog died, the vet who hugged me through it recommended Dog Heaven, by the same author, and it really did help. The kids still talk about how Bailey is in dog heaven, doing all the things the book said. Note: my husband is a vet. The Cat Heaven book looks like an equal treasure.

  • Shannon says:

    We are going through this now…We explained to Josh that our kitty went to Kitty Heaven where she will always be happy…We're going to check out the book mentioned above as well. Sounds like you are doing everything you can to help your child adjust.

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