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My 22 month-old is going through a no-sleep phase and we’re running out of options. She won’t go to sleep at night and then keeps waking up (She was a dream sleeper from 8 months -20 months and then BAM!). We’ve addressed diet, nap times, routine and the basics but she’s still giving us such grief. I’d love to hear if anyone has any suggestions. At this point, she’s going to be an only child. – Tully’s Mama

7 Responses to desperately seeking sleep

  • Two thoughts, no promises…

    I'm a big fan of bribery. Can you promise a trip, a new toy, a special treat if he makes it through or goes back to sleep for you–we always did three stars = treat over here.

    Or, go with him to pick out a special sleep toy/bear/whatever. Explain the magical qualities of said toy, then, when he wakes up, bring it to him, reselling the magic. soon he should reach for it on his own. At least theoretically!

    Good luck!

  • Been There says:

    First, know it's a phase and it will end. When my child was having a particularly difficult time going to sleep, we use to stay in the room with him until he fell asleep. It seemed to bring him the security he needed for awhile. Plus, I had a few minutes to read a book. I would tell him to put his head down and I would stay in the room until he fell asleep. It really worked and after awhile, I was able to leave the room again when he was still awake. Worth a try.

  • Betsy says:

    Mine did the same at that age. Have you tried a night light- or removing the one you have. Mine did best if it was almost as bright as day a bedtime. We also rocked until she was relaxed-very relaxed before we made the move to the crib. (As she got better, we rocked less and less.) Try adding a bedtime CD to the routine. Playing the SAME quiet music can establish a relaxing routine. Good luck.

  • Erin says:

    Hey Dublin Girl- I really have no advice as I just get by day to day with my 6 mo old but just wanted to say hi! We battle our own sleep issues over here too so I feel ya…Katherine takes 2 naps a day- one for 8 minutes and one for 11 minutes. seriously. People wonder why I am such a basketcase -UGH!

    But back to you…what about changing up her night time rountine? oh and stop giving her Red Bull at dinner… xo -e-

  • Kelcey says:

    Now Erin, what could you possibly be complaining about with an 8 minute and 11 minute nap schedule. That is at least long enough to grab a snack and pee.

    And the red bull is an excellent suggestion. Tully's mama must be so grateful.

    You may be sleepy, but Erin, you are one hilarious mama.

  • Tully's Mama says:

    I think eliminating Red Bull worked! It must have been a phase because we're 3 nights into 11 hour stretches. Thanks for the tips! Oh and Erin, I think Baby K needs to wean off the espresso.

  • Francine Kasen says:

    My kids were great sleepers and nappers but there was one night that my 1 1/2 yr old was obsessed with having just met his new cousin from Cleveland and would not stop saying "bobby" (Baby). The noise was keeping the whole household up (we were all at a beach house) so I took to walking him up and down the street in my arms so at least the family could sleep. At 4 am I gave him a shot of whiskey. Here's my advise. DO NOT GIVE WHISKEY. He hiccupped the next 3 hours and I was terrified that I had poisoned him! PS he survived, but I was traumatized for life! He's now 26 and I don't want him to know this story, cuz he'll find a way to blame me for something or other. Good luck! Parenthood is for the YOUNG!!!

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