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My baby is almost seven weeks-old. She cries (and screams) for long periods of time. Any tips on helping her cry less and sleep more? I’d also love any advice on dealing with constipation and gas (not mine, hers). Thanks mamas!

20 Responses to Need help with my newborn

  • Kimberly says:

    Hi Rachel!!!! Have you tried the vacuum cleaner or hair dryer? sounds ridiculous. but totally worked with reed… if i couldn't get him to calm down, i'd turn one of them on and he'd magically stop crying (swaddle too) and fall asleep.. i think it was kelcey and the dustbuster that started this for him.. in fact, i don't think steve ever put him down for a nap w/out the hairdryer going the first 4 months! luckily, haven't had to use it yet with miss josie, but it is worth a try!!!! good luck.. i feel you.. so sorry… we should text in the middle of the night;)

  • askapapa says:

    are papas allowed to comment? hope so. i like kimberly's vacuum and hair dryer idea. i'd also say you might want to try one of those white noise machines. new babies seem to like to woooshing souds they grew accustomed to in the womb. as for gas, if you're nursing, stay away from spicy foods or even veggies like broccoli, anything that could make its way into your milk supply. for constipation, ask your doctor about spiking your baby's bottle with a little prune juice. works for my grandmother and my todler, so it's worth a shot for your newborn. good luck! this will all be a distant memory soon. then you'll have teething to contend with! not bad for a papa, right?

  • Tully's mama says:

    Re: crying – she's most likely uncomfortable from her gas and constipation. Formula or breastfed? If formula, talk with pediatrican about switching type – there are a ton out there with some for this reason. If breastfeeding, make sure you remove anything "iffy" out of your diet but start with dairy and gassy veggies. Re: screaming – A good, snug, swaddle and a hair dryer/vacuum cleaner can help. Also, if you suspect gas, supervise her while she's on her tummy and let her work it out. Then put her on back and do little kicks with her legs – bring them up to her chest and back down. Repeat for a little bit.

    Another thing – never hesitate to call a friend over to take a shift of holding your baby if both you and your partner have had it!

  • Kristen says:

    My oldest had terrible gas as well. I used gas drops (mylecon) every feeding for a few months. If you are breastfeeding, you may want to eliminate dairy from your diet. I did and it helped tremendously. Different kids are sensitive to different things. After she was three months old, I was able to have dairy again. If you eliminate dairy from your diet, try to make sure you get fat from another source because babies need fat in their milk. My kids also cried more when they were not getting enough sleep. They also had difficulty getting to sleep when they were overtired and overstimulated. Remember that everything is new to them so they get tired out easily. At seven weeks babies need a ton of sleep. Your baby may only be able to be awake for short periods of time (maybe 45 minutes including feeding time). Try to feed her when she first wakes up and then put her down after 45 minutes. She may cry when you put her down. It is okay to let her cry for ten to twenty minutes. Many babies need to cry themselves to sleep. It may help you to set the timer after you put her down so you are not watching the clock. Letting her cry can be really hard. I wrote my oldest love letters when I was teaching her to fall asleep on her own. Maybe in a couple of weeks, she could be awake for an hour. Gradually increase her wake time as she grows. By the way, good for you for asking for help. Being a mom is hard and I sure you are doing an amazing job. I hope I did not just overloas you with information. Good luck!

  • kerry says:

    hang in there rachel. a few ideas:
    -the miracle blanket – amazing for swaddling.. .www.miracleblanket.com
    -put her in a sling as much as possible around the house, when you're out walking around, etc.
    -the motion of a swing might be helpful

    good luck…you're not alone and you and your baby will get through it.

  • Rachel says:

    First off, I want to thank all you mamas, and the one intrepid papas for your sound advice, and most of all your compassion and confidence. As my husband sits on the toilet seat (seat down) with our SCREAMING 7 week old eve, water running, I read your posts. I immediately ran in to tell him to turn on our swanky white dustbuster (the cool cone-shaped one) as it may not just be for decoration anymore. Right now, the unbridled crying has stopped…now we wait. To answer all questions, she's breastfed and formula fed, as per my md, have switched 2x, now on soy. Added prune juice to diet, after water/brown sugar mixture didn't help. Added maalox to diet, use both gripe waters pretty religiously, and mylecon too. MD said to try zantac if maalox hasn't worked within a week, just gave her 1st dosage tonight. Phew, this all sounds like too much for my poor, sweet baby's system. I rub her belly, but haven't tried putting her down on it, will try tomorrow. We do kicks with her legs. Hmmm…still no crying, vacuum's still going. God, this has to end soon, right? Thanks to all…and kelc most of all for facilitating. Kimberly- feel free to text away – ask kelc for my email or cell.

  • Erin says:

    I would just say "ditto" to the above posts but that's kinda lame so here are my thoughts as my daughter is 5 months old so I did recently go through this :-} the first 3 months she would cry and scream at night for 2-3 hours it was unreal and I was a mess.
    Things that helped were basically what some of the other mamas said- she loved the hair dryer so I would run that- if my hubby was home I would actually get to shower quickly and he would hold her while I dried and styled my hair- I looked really good for going to bed :-} what worked the best for her was lying her across my arms and just walking back and forth back and forth….we also have one of those white noise machines that runs in her bedroom.
    And since it was summer when she was born I would also sometimes just step outside on the porch which would calm her for some reason- the air, the trees, the birds, my neighbors bbq?? And my hubby and I did drive 45 minutes one night to go get tacos JUST so she would stop crying and sleep in the car. oh and i kinda wanted tacos.
    I also did cut out dairy and nuts which I had read in numerous places can be helpful if you are breastfeeding and I think it did make a difference. I would still have a little cup of ice cream at night for my own sanity but eliminated milk and cottege cheese and around 4 months slowly started introducing them back in to my diet.
    It's so hard and stressful and like other mamas would tell me "this will soon pass!" And when it gets to be too much put her in her crib, go wash your face, put some lotion on, have a sip of water…regroup and take a deep breath! Babies vibe off of their moms so if you can stay calm (yeah I know that's impossible at times) it can help them calm down too! Wishing you some quiet time soon :-}

  • Kristen says:

    One more thing… I love the sound machines as well. I looked lots of places. I found the best price is one at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I think it is either $19 or $29 plus you can always find a coupon for things there. They take expired coupons as well. You are doing a great job. Your little one is blessed to have you as her mama!

  • Lanie says:

    We have 4 1/2 month old twins. When Alyssa was around 8 weeks she had some of the same issues. Our pediatrician suggested 1 oz. white grape juice and 1 oz. water.

    Also, The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD had some good suggestions.

    The other trick that I have seen work is to put an electric toothbrush (wrapped in a blanket) in their car seat. We have not tried it yet but it seems to work like a charm.

    Good luck!

  • Rachel says:

    Electric toothbrush in the car seat- that is SO sex in the city. G-rated style.

    Thanks for everyone who responded- after that night's brouhaha, Eve slept 7 hours. Go figure. I bought that sound machine at Bed, Bath and Beyond long lines, and I think she likes it! And with the monitors on all over my apartment, now the whole place sounds like we live on Paradise Isle. I also ordered something called Happy Tummy from One Step Ahead- its a little heating bad for colicky babies belly. In any case, tonight was a dream- not too hard to get Eve to sleep, and she slept 6 1/2 hrs. Unreal! Maybe we will keep her! Alas, tomorrow's another day. Thanks mamas and papa.

  • Betsy says:

    I breastfed my daughter. Because she broke out in a full body rash at avout 3 months I had to adjust what I was eating. I eliminated all of the major allergy causes and then slowly added them back. Not only did the rash go away, but within a week, she started sleeping and was much happier. Other people noticed the change in her behavio too

  • Julie says:

    I swear by Dr. Harvey Karp's ways. He has a book called the "Happiest Baby on the Block" where he talks about the 5things. Swaddling, Shhing etc. Check it out. It saved us with our daughter.

  • jiminasmallercity says:

    ok, this is going to sound a bit out there. sounds like you got a lot of advice for gas but not much for constipation. two comments. first, we thought our kid had gas and used a lot of mylecon but our doctor determined it was actually reflux (for 2 of our 4 girls) and prescribed a different medicine that really worked. We also had two that were very, very constipated. this may sound crazy but the doctor had us take a thermometer, put some k-y on it and VERY gently open their rectum with it – have to say, worked like a charm for constipation and gas.

  • Abby says:

    OMG, someone mentioned a glass of wine which I think I'm going to need after reading this and also debate whether having kids is up my alley!!!

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