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My twenty month-old seems bored with most of his toys. But the next stage of toys are made for three year-olds, and I’m worried about choking hazards since my toddler still puts things in his mouth. Any suggestions of stimulating toys for this in-between stage? Thank you – Liz.

3 Responses to Any great toy ideas for a 20 month-old?

  • Jordana says:

    For her second birthday one of my friends gave Ava Megablocks. She said that her 4-year old received them for her second birthday and still loves them. Ava does indeed adore them and uttered her first sentence while playing with them "I did it!" and I assure you – no choking worries at all.

  • Betsy says:

    I would say Duplo. Similar to Megablocks. I think they interlock. We still love them. Make sure to get wheeled peices and people or animals.

  • wah says:

    plan toys tree house, crane set and kitchen (plus accessories). a digger would look swell in your living room as well. and what about a train table – don’t all boys dig thomas?

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