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Advertising + Promoting Your Brand:

I have worked with many brands (like P&G’s Luvs, Coca Cola and Pepperidge Farm) to help these companies promote their brands and utilize social media more effectively.

Ad Week quoted me as saying, “Too many of these companies are trying to promote themselves on social media with just boring promotional tweets or Facebook updates. They need to hire clever, funny writers who engage with the audience as a way to connect with women. Companies need to work harder at being a part of the conversation.”

Does your company (big or small) need help navigating social media and reaching parents and families? I can help via sponsored posts, advertising space and Twitter parties.

Here are some links to sponsored posts on The Mama Bird Diaries so you can get an idea of how I write and promote a brand:



Glad Bags

Just email me at kelcey@mamabirddiaries.com and I’d be happy to send you my rates.

I’m always looking for cool, innovative ways to develop partnerships with companies and organizations. Look forward to hearing from you.

kelcey kintner