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Kelcey Kintner
Humor Blogger/ Freelance Writer

I’ve worked in the White House. I’ve been a TV reporter and anchor. I’ve earned a graduate degree in journalism from Columbia University. I’ve lived in Montana where this city girl had to drive three hours just to find sushi. But nothing has ever kicked my bum like motherhood. It’s exhausting. It’s frustrating. It’s strangely addictive. Now I understand why my mother loves me so much.

Dylan is my 13 year-old, Summer is my 11 year-old, Chase and Harlowe are my 7 year-old twins and Cash is our 4 year old. My husband Rick (an anchor for CBS Miami) is handsome, loyal, funny and an amazing dad. He’s too good for me. I hope he doesn’t realize it because there is no way I’m taking care of these children alone. We’re sort of like the Von Trapps if we were a lot more talented.


I used to live in New York City. Then we moved to the outskirts of NYC and I learned that “outskirts” means you can’t get a good cuban sandwich. Now I live in the Ft. Lauderdale/ Miami area. It’s very hot. With lots of palm trees. You can find a great cuban sandwich.

Where I Write:

In addition to the mama bird diaries, I’m a writer for US Weekly Fashion Police, The Huffington PostAlpha Mom, SheKnowsMcSweeny’s and Today community.

I’ve been featured on Good Morning America, the WPIX11 Morning News, ABC News Digital, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, The Washington Post’s On Parenting blog, The New York Times Motherlode blog, Lifetime MomsNick MomBlogHer Huffington Post Live, Cookie Magazine, NYMetroParents, Redbook, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and other publications.

Published Books: 

I’ve been published in the “But Did You Die?” anthology,  “I Just Want To Be Perfect” anthology,  “Moms are Nuts” anthology, the “Write for Charity” anthology, the BlogHer 2012 Voices of the Year anthology and “The HerStories Project: Women Explore the Joy, Pain, and Power of Female Friendship” anthology.


I was honored as one of the BlogHer 2012 and 2014 Voices of the Year.  Babble has named me one of their top 100 Mom Blogs and one of their top 50 Twitter Moms. I’ve been nominated for an Emmy and won numerous journalisms awards that weren’t Emmys. And I won Best Typist my sophomore year of high school. I’ve obviously got mad typing skills.

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Advertising/ Promoting Your Brand/ Consulting:

I have worked with many brands (like P&G’s Luvs, Coca Cola and Pepperidge Farm) to help these companies promote their brands and utilize social media more effectively.

Ad Week quoted me as saying, “Too many of these companies are trying to promote themselves on social media with just boring promotional tweets or Facebook updates. They need to hire clever, funny writers who engage with the audience as a way to connect with women. Companies need to work harder at being a part of the conversation.”

Does your company (big or small) need help navigating social media and reaching parents and families? I can help via sponsored posts, advertising space and Twitter parties.

Here are some links to sponsored posts on The Mama Bird Diaries so you can get an idea of how I write and promote a brand:

Here are some examples…

American Heart Association



Playworld Systems (Part 1 & Part 2)




Glad Bags

Just send an email to kelcey@mamabirddiaries.com so we can start working together.

kelcey kintner